Monday, July 25, 2011

Marching to 1000 with company

141. Parents over for dinner
142. A bracelet
143. Impromptu “date night”
144. Shopping with my man
145. A good deal on a pretty painting

146. God “clearing the way” as we talked business with our landlord
147. Brightly colored roses on the table
148. A book by Elisabeth Elliot
149. My man’s arms
150. Tears

151. A cleared schedule
152. Anticipated arrival
153. Loooong clearance isles, marked 50% off clearance price
154. Our first midnight showing, together
155. Heart-to-heart talk with my man while waiting

156. 3D glasses, and silly faces
157. Impromptu company and game
158. Late nights!!! (unusual thing for me to thank God for!! :P)
159. Moxie *grin*
160. Dinner in the freezer (easy for company!)

161. Meeting old friends for the first time
162. Colossal Reunion!!
163. A $1-$5 book clearance section at Mardels
164. Walking to the store
165. Gummy worms

166. Shared testimony
167. Brother over for 10th BD

1 comment:

  1. So hard to thank Him for #150, but that's the hard thanks. Love #153! Such a fun filled list! Thanks for sharing!