Friday, July 22, 2011


It's 5 Minute Friday again! The day we join Lisa Jo over at and spend 5 minutes writing for the pure love of writing. Here is a recap of the rules:

1. Write for 5 minutes flat with no editing, tweaking or self critiquing.2. Link back here and invite others to join in {you can grab the button code in my right side bar}.3. Go and tell the person who linked up before you what their words meant to you. Every writer longs to feel heard.

 The prompt today is, "Full..."

As a child I sometimes went to church potlucks where there was an unusual selection of tasty looking food. I triedto get a little of everything, though my plate always ran out of space too fast. Sometimes one of the older ladies would notice my plate when I was through and twll me, "Your eyes were too big for your stomach, weren't they?"

Life is like that. As I'm going through life I see lots of things I want. Some of them are better than others, just like those potluck dishes. But often my appetite for new and different is a lot bigger that what I actually can handle, more than is good for me. I want this, and that, and something else also. My eyes are too big for my life.

David said in Psalms, "Give me that which is needful to me, not to much lest I forget you, nor too little lest I curse you." David's eyes weren't "too big" for his plate. He wanted only as much as God gave him, not too much, nor too little.

The Apostle Paul also had a good grasp on "fullness" in life. He claimed that he learned "in whatsoever circumstances to therewith be content." He had discovered the secret in following the Biblical exhortation to "in everything give thanks."

We should take example from these two men of the faith, and learn to recognize when our life is full. It's full when we have everything, no more, no less, that God wants for us. It's "full" when we have learned to take all of life as a whole and say with Paul, "I have learned in whatever circumstances to be content, and in everything to give thanks.


  1. Thanks for your post and for the good reminder. That last verse is good especially. in everything give thanks. My mom just had a miscarriage two days ago. I'm half way across the world from her and just heard today. It broke my heart. I have having to go through this again. And I feel bad that I feel this way since I'm not even the mother of the baby. I know you just experienced a miscarriage recently too. It's hard. I'm believing God is good. He is really good. That is a fact.

  2. Did you know those scriptures by heart? That's pretty awesome!!

  3. Hannah, yes, it can be a lot more challenging to "give thanks in all things" when we are giving thanks for something that we don't understand. But God is good, ALWAYS good, and knowing that makes it possible to be thankful in everything. Thanks for sharing. :-)

    Calypso, yes, I knew them by heart--but I couldn't remember the references!! :-)