Tuesday, July 19, 2011


"What would it be like to only have in my life today that which I murmured thanks to God for last night?" ~Ann Voscamp

118. New pets
119. Eyes to recognize the evil inside
120. Impatience for purity, to be refined
121. Freshly done laundry
122. Herbs! Arrived!!

123. Homemade mayonnaise—a batch that finally “worked”
124. A package from China
125. A gallon of cleaner
126. Glass vases, 30 cents each
127. Homemade lotion, tweaked to perfection

128. Green mud masks
129. Laying on the floor by my sister, cucumber slices over our eyes
130. Painting her face green
131. Fresh flowers on the mantle
132. Being able to pray for my husband when we are apart

133. Knowledge of a God whose ways are mysterious, but good
134. Dreams of future adventure (not future fear!)
135. A headrub for a headache
136. Enjoying old-time movies, together
137. Learning to desire, again

138. Freshly painted nails (with glitter!!)
139. Pretty glass jars
140. Laundry--clean!

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  1. great list~ i am visiting from multitudes on monday - i like to visit the links on either side of me and you were on my right this week. :) your face mask looks great! i am impressed that you made it yourself.

    my recent post: how to dig deep into the Word