Thursday, June 23, 2011

Real Food for Mama and Baby

This book is the book I go to for baby nutrition. I've read it at least 3 times cover to cover, and certain chapters I've read many more times. The book consists of three major parts--eating for fertility, eating for pregnancy, and eating for nursing.

I read the book a couple times before I was married so I could make sure that my husband and I were eating the optimal diet for the baby we were praying for. A lot of women sober up their eating habits when they find out they  are pregnant (which is great!) but it seemed to me that it made more sense to begin the strong focus on diet 3-6 months before conception. Health-wise the ONLY input hubby has on the infant consists of whatever state of health his body is at when the baby is conceived. Mama, of course, has a good deal of input during pregnancy, but her health at the time of conception is also imperitively important.

This is not a cookbook, it is more a cross between theory and Nina's personal journey to healthy eating. The "theory" portion lines up with the Nourishing Traditions line of thought (Nourishing Traditions is hands down my favorite cookbook, but it has a lot more than just recipes). I also appreciate the portions of Nina's life that are included, because her perspective on diet is a lot more reasonable than the stringent requirements that books heavier on theory include. In both her life and her book her motto seems to be, "do your best, don't worry about the rest."

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