Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Monday when I got into work I found out that M'Lady had taken another fall just a few hours before I arrived. She's been falling more frequently the last month, but it has always been a soft thing. But this fall wasn't soft, and it has really done a number on her. She's pretty bruised up and sore.

More than the physical damage, though, I'm concerned about her will. She's been getting weaker the last few months, and the fall seems to have taken the last of her usual spunky get-up-and-go.  If she wants to pull through this there is no physical reason she can't. But she's got to have that will to live.

Please keep her family in your prayers. One of her daughters has seen this coming for longer than even I have, but I don't know that her other three children have. Her 100th birthday is in 10 days, and she has some family and friends coming from quite a distance to see her. I wouldn't keep her here if it is God's time to go, but it would be nice for them to see her one last time.

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