Thursday, June 9, 2011


I'm a book lover, and for years one of my fond dreams has been to have a large collection of inspiring, uplifting books. I don't just want Bible studies and inspirational books (though those are wonderful!), I want to have a good, solid collection of godly, uplifting fiction as well. Jesus himself spoke in parables--fictional stories designed to teach life lessons. I personally can often get more out of a good fictional story than out of a heavy dissertation on how to live the Christian life, so it stands to reason that my children will be the same way.

My husband shares my love for a good story, and has, in fact, already written and printed his first children's story book. Though we weren't married at the time, he wrote it with his own children in mind. He also brought his own hefty store of books with him into marriage. We long since have run out of shelf space, and now pile books on the shelves in whatever manner packs them most tightly--though it may not look the prettiest.

As important as good books are to me, it has also become important to write my own review of each of these books. I find that some books that others give rave reviews of I personally find disappointing. Other books seem to be like buried treasure--I feel like the first to stumble upon their riches. When I sit down to write reports on the books I read it helps me remember as the years go by which books are worth their weight in gold, which are best as nice shelf decorations, and which really ought not be read again.

The past month or two I've done a lot of reading, but haven't taken the time to record the books I've read. Therefore, next few weeks week I'm going to focus on posting short book reports on what I've been reading this month. My reading has had a lot of variety--from fiction, to diet, to Christian living. So stay tuned!!

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