Monday, May 9, 2011

Pregnancy smiles

Thus far I've had none of the "typical" pregnancy complaints, in particular no cravings or morning sickness. That has been such a blessing!! I know better than to judge the entire pregnancy by the first 6 weeks, but I would LOVE for the next half of this trimester to generally go as well as the first half has gone.

 Lack of food cravings aside, I had to smile when I saw my "dinner" this evening. As my family can attest, I've always had a tendency to match odd foods together--basically if I like the foods I'll eat them, regardless of whether they "match" or not. I do try to spare my husband this eccentricity, but he is out this evening. I was not particularly hungry, but I knew I should eat something so I pulled a few light things out of the fridge. Here's a picture of my dinner this evening:

Yes, outside of the grapes that's homemade icecream and a pickle. I may not have been craving pickles and ice cream, but I had to roll my eyes at myself  when I realized what I'd grabbed. I guess I really AM pregnant!! :-P

(and not-to-worry, I didn't eat that WHOLE BOWL of icecream!!! Just a few spoon-fulls)

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