Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Baby

A few hours ago my sister-in-law, Amanda, gave birth to her first baby, Abigail Nicole. Baby is 7lbs and 10oz, and was born after 37 hours of labor (there were no complications--just a very slow labor). Both mama and baby are doing well, but tired.

Abigail has a SERIOUS set of lungs, and I suspect will be soprano. :-P

Everyone here at the manor is moving slowly. Due to staying out late Wednesday night (Amanda's "bachelorrette" of motherhood) and Thursday night, out of the last 90 hours I got about 11 hours of sleep. A grueling 4 days, but worth it for my niece.

We are all very happy about the new little one, particularly the newly-made grandparents (this is the first grandbaby for either side of the family). Abby chose to skip her due date of the 25th, and instead arrive on the 28th. This meant she was delivered on the same day (with the same midwife) who delivered her daddy 22 years ago. Praise God for a safe delivery!!

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