Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mama's Belly Butter

 After having the inspiration to make my own bath products I was in a quandry as to where to start. It didn't take long to realize that at the moment the biggest need I have in bath products is a deeply moisturizing and protecting skin product. While my pregnancy is still relatively new, I've already noticed the gentle changes in body shape. Warned by my sister in law (who is due any day now) I have been religiously applying lotion to stech-mark "danger zones"  morning and evening.

Anyone who has bought lotion, particularly the thicker "cremes," knows that that stuff is practically gold, and is often priced per oz. And I'm going through it like it is water!! Either I needed to cut back on the lotion application, or I needed to find a more economical method of skincare. Therefore,  my very first attempt at a spa product couldn't have come at a more perfect time!!

Coconut Oil
Shea Butter
Mango Butter
Avacado Butter
Cocoa Butter

I used one heaping tbs of each ingredient, and two of the Coconut Oil and Shea Butter.

I then placed the bowl on top of a little pot (my home made version of a double boiler), and gently melted the oils together.

This is the view from the top.

After melting the oils together I noticed a few impurities. So I placed a loosely woven cloth over a funnel, and used it to filter the oil as I poured it into the jar. I let the butter cool a few minutes, then gently mixed in some essential oils for smell. I used Rose and Ylang-Ylang. The scent was okay, but I don't think the two mixed very well. Next time I'll use one or the other, or maybe leave it unscented.

This is the finished product, before it has cooled. When it cools it is much thicker (not liquid at all, though thinner than cream).

My first impression of this was that it is VERY oily!! This may seem obvious considering the ingredients, but I frequently use coconut oil on my skin and it seemed to absorb into my skin much faster. This takes about a half hour to fully absorb.

I gave the blend a few days, and once I got used to it I was actually very impressed. I have been a long term sufferer of dry skin, particularly as I moved past the teen years. Since I started using this stuff my skin has become very comfortable to live in!! No more dryness to speak of. Hurray!!!

In the next try I'll probably try to find some ingredient that will increase the creaminess and possibly help the absorption to move more quickly, but overall I'm fairly pleased with this first experiment in homemade creams and lotions!

[This post was written a couple weeks ago--I just now got around to posting it!! A few older references in there--such as the fact that my sister in law already had her baby. The post is still good, though]

What the ingredients are known for:
Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil--this stuff is generally good to have around--whether used on the inside or the outside!!

Shea Butter--used to fade scars and stretchmarks. Is a powerful moisturizer and readily absorbed into the skin. Made from the fruit of the African Shea Tree.  Solid at room temperature.

Cocoa Butter--One of the most stable fats known and high in natural antioxidants. Used to prevent stretch marks, and moisturize skin. Solid at room temerature, melts with skin contact.

Mango Butter--A natural emmolent, also known for its regenerative properties. An effective treatment of dry skin, though it is so solid at room temperature it usually needs to be used in combination with other oils. Clears blemishes and heals minor wounds and skin cracks. Prevents and heals stretch marks.


  1. Hmm...sounds like I might need to try that and see if it helps remove the overwhelming amount of stretch marks left by my pregnancy...

  2. Wouldn't hurt to try!! I can make some up for you one of these days. I don't know how truly effective it is at removing stretch marks, but I am sure it would help and it would be good for your skin, too. :)