Monday, May 30, 2011

Home made bath products

I was inspired recently to look into making my own bath products. Not only does the idea of making my own bath products sound fun, I also love the flexibility that making things myself gives. Whatever I want in there goes in, whatever I don't want in there stays out. No worries about whether some of the ingredients are things I don't want to put on my skin.

I also love the process of learning how to make it myself. I've always enjoyed learning the "old arts." While spa products aren't exactly the things I expect our pioneer mothers were making in their spare time, it still gives me the feeling of self-sufficency.

Then there is the matter of cost. Certain spa products are incredibly marked up in the store--the individual ingredients can be purchased MUCH cheaper. With a little bit of effort, FUN effort, they can be mixed together to suit my personal needs.

With visions of homemade soaps, lotions, creams , salts and scrubs dancing through my head, I was sure choosing a starting place would be quite difficult!! Much to my surprise the choice seemed to practically make itself, and was based on some very practical and very current needs I have.

What was the choice, you ask? With all these beautiful possibilities?

Well, you'll just have to check back later this week, when I post about my first experiment in the field of luxury homade spa products!!

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