Sunday, May 8, 2011

Baby, mine

(Typically I think through posts, write them over the course of a week or two, and sometimes schedule them a week in advance so that I can come back and re-proof read them a few days later. Typically the subjects of my posts are things I've been planning to write about for awhile, and I let them sit in my mind until I can get everything out on paper at once. But not today. Today I'm just putting words on paper as they come, because somehow this post surprised me, even though I've known it was coming for a couple weeks.)

I'm expecting.

I'm expecting a baby. 

And I've just celebrated my first-ever Mother's day.

My husband and I are both excited. If we were surprised (and we were) it wasn't the sinking-in-the-pit-of-the-stomach sort of surprise, it was the "is it finally true??" sort of surprise. The stunned, googling "do pregnancy tests give false-positives" sort of surprise. The double checking 6 more times sort of surprise.

I found out two weeks and two days ago. The next day was Easter Sunday. One easter ago my now-husband had taken me out for my birthday and proposed to me. I told him that Saturday that, spur-of-the-moment I'd decided to do an impromptu anniversary celebration. His dismayed reaction still makes me smile--"Dear, I can remember the anniversary of when I proposed marriage, the anniversary I proposed courtship, the anniversary of when we got married, your birthday, and about a half-dozen other little anniversaries, and get you flowers for all of them--but you surely can't expect me to remember Easter is a anniversary also!! Why, why that's a moving target!"

I could only chuckle at the time, because I couldn't explain that I was inventing an anniversary so I could serve a nice dinner before telling him.

When I did serve him dinner he didn't notice the theme--though that was more for me anyway. He saw Ribs, carrots and salad--the same things I would have seen if I hadn't planned a Baby announcement. But I knew serving Baby-Back ribs, Baby carrots, and Baby greens would be a subtle clue I'd have fun pointing out later.

Sometime this week I would like to post the book that I used to tell him, but right now it's much to late for this mom-to-be to be up (though the 3.5 hour nap I took after church today is pretty much the only reason I can be posting at nearly midnight).

Good night!!!

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  1. Wow!!!! Congratulations!!!! So very happy for you, because the little that I know of you, you will be an excellent mom as you point your little one to Jesus!!! Yay!!!!
    (btw- I like your spur of the moment posts!!!)