Sunday, April 10, 2011

Worthwhile Reads

Loving the Pastors Wife--Many times in a church the pastors wife is one of the greatest--and least recognized--contributors.

Finding Time To Create--Wow. This post was challenging to me. Creativity is a God-given skill exclusive to man--who is made in His image. Maybe our "busyness" is getting in the way of our reflecting part of the creative nature of God?

A Different look at Proverbs 31 -- Mary Aldrich over at YLCF writes a modern day application of Proverbs 31.

Easter Celebration! -- I love this idea for using the tradition of an easter basket to communicate truth to children. As a child some of the most enjoyable and memorable lessons my parents taught me were done in a creative and very physical way--just like this idea.


  1. All of these I'm sure are great reads. But you have another good read waiting in your e-mail inbox. I highly suggest e-mailing someone back who's name starts with an A and ends in shley. From what I hear she has been looking for a return e-mail from you. :)From what your other post said, maybe this Ashley person is the "old friend" you started a long letter to. Cause that would make her very happy. LOL

    Btw.. I miss Mousie. Just saying.. Stressed out Nursing students can always use a good dose of Mousie. LOL

  2. Haha--if only you knew how I've written you!! It's just that to respond to an epistle like you wrote takes a little of something that starts with a T and ends with an ime. :P I'll send it in the next few days. :-)

    Awww. I bet! Only 5 more weeks!!