Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week off

Well, it would seem that I have taken an impromptu week off of blogging. Generally I try to let y'all know if there is a reason I can't post for awhile, but this past week was unavoidable.

Life at the manor has been full of practicalities the last few weeks. As of a month ago our family suddenly moved from being a two-car-family to being a one-car-family. This wasn't an unexpected transition--hubby's car is quite old and clunky, and whenever a major repair comes up (which could be at any time) it won't be worth fixing. It is so old and clunky that I can't drive it because we never bothered to get the broken seat fixed (like a little girl trying to ride her big brothers bicycle, in my hubby's car my feet don't reach the pedals).

As much as we have been expecting to lose a vehicle in the near future, this did come as a surprise.


Well, because it wasn't my hubby's car that bit the dust. It was my car. The new-to-me car we bought to replace my totaled MousieMobile. The one in excellent condition, all working parts, no major repairs needed, and 3,000 miles on it. The steady, dependable, super-comfortable, gonna-last-us-awhile car. Yeah, that one. And Clunker still lives.

Go figure.

So, that was a bit of a change in plans. I guess God needed to remind us that while our 5 year plans are great things to have, He's actually the one who calls the shots on what happens.

Between my hubby and I we are currently working about 5 different jobs, 3 of which require significant, daily driving. Two of those three are my part time jobs. And I still couldn't reach the pedals on his car.

Needless to say, the last few weeks have been pretty hectic, as my husband has had full time work around doing all the part-time driving for me. This has been challenging for both of us, though on the bright side I really enjoyed the extra time we got together throughout the day.

A few days ago my husband came up with a creative idea to fix the car so I can drive it. To our mutual delight his idea worked like a dream. Now he either carpools to work with a friend or stays home, and I can drive myself around which eases up the schedule considerably.

All that to say, with a more normal schedule, from here on we should be back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Lord willin' an' the crick don't rise. :-)


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