Friday, April 15, 2011

On Distance

It's Friday, and I'm joining Gypsy Mama again in Five Minute Friday. The rules are:

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This week the prompt is "On Distance."

On Distance (Start 11:35)

When I think of distance the first thing that comes to mind is the distance of time. I just celebrated a birthday, and I imagine what I was like 10 years ago. So much has changed. 10 years ago I didn't know who I was, I was trying to decide what God wanted me to do with my life--and if I really even cared what He wanted. I was deciding whether to pursue the world and pleasures therein, or pursue Christ. I truly didn't know which I wanted.

Time has passed, increasing the distance between the me of now and the me of last decade. I have changed and grown. Hurts have come, experiences been added, and joys felt. I've learned that all I truly want out of life is to Love the Lord, and I am so very, very grateful that that He didn't allow that 15 year old me to make the decision that would take her away from Him forever.

My Lord has closed the distance between us. He has shown me the joy of loving him. But when I think of distance, I realize that I've only traveled a fraction of the distance that he wants me to travel. As much closer as I am to Him now than I was 10 years ago, it isn't close enough. Not nearly.

Lord, close the distance between us--the huge, vast distance. Forgive me when I allow the distance to continue between us instead of running to you when I first notice a gap. And thank you for holding on to me, even when I push you away.  Don't ever let me go.

(stop 11:40)


  1. I am visiting from Five Minute Friday,

    I love the line about still not being as close as the Lord wants you.

    That is the amazing thing about God - He always pulls us closer and closer.

    Nice post!

  2. Hey there, Sophia! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm looking forward to following yours!

    I so understand what you mean in your post. I'm so thankful I have left my former life and live a life for Him. Well said!

  3. Carrie, it is amazing! No matter how close we are to God we always can move closer!! :-)

    Susan, Thanks for coming over! And you're right--he's worth leaving everything for. :-)