Monday, April 11, 2011

Life songs--1000 gifts

It's Monday. Another Monday. I woke up this morning--or rather, didn't quite wake up--and made French toast for my man for breakfast. I wasn't unthankful. But I wasn't really thankful either. I just wanted to stay awake long enough to get to work. I wasn't living in the minute, I wasn't savoring each of those precious seconds that God has given me on this Earth--I wasn't milking every moment of the joy it has.

I didn't look around my home and see the order there--order that only was possible because God gave me the strength yesterday to work when I wasn't in the mood. I didn't look at my couch, where the laundry is neatly sorted and ready to be put away (a feat only accomplished by God's grace!!). I didn't look at the bread I sliced and wonder in awe that God had designed 6 ingredients forming a tiny little ball of dough to work together in such a way that it will feed my man and I bread for several days. Nor did I truly appreciate the creative gifting my God gave to man, made in his image, to make a machine that would work this wonder on those 6 ingredients while I slept last night.  

I didn't look at the roses on my table, a present from my man for my birthday last week, and thank the Lord from the depths of my heart that he gave me a godly husband who loves and serves the Lord with his whole heart. I didn't look at the verse posted over the office door--John 3:16 in Ukranian--and thank God that he has given me the opportunity to share His love with a lost and dying world.

I wasn't complaining either... but was I really living life this morning as I groggily poured my Grade B organic maple syrup over my home made French toast? Was I really living life in the way God intended? As a song of praise to Him? As a joyful response to his Love?

No, I really wasn't. But the day is only half gone. May the rest of the day, Lord, be a song of praise to you. May the song of praise in my life inspire other praise-songs in the lives of every individual I come in contact with.  

49. The forgiveness of my Savior
50. "Thy sins are forgiven... Go in peace." (Ref Luke 7:48-50)
51. The slight pinch of new shoes
52. watching pancake batter after adding soda
53. my own baby butter bell
54. The feel of a lusciously long broomstick skirt swishing at my ankles
55. A road trip with my husband and a good friend
56. Hearing a first concert

57. Bluebonnet fields
58. A loving, patient husband
59. A God whom I can trust with material things
60.  Birthday wishes sung over the phone
61. helping my man with his Sunday school lesson
62. My husband, making my birthday dinner himself
63. Laughter
64. A car break down that shows God's sovereignty
65. A good movie shared
66. A free book
67. Finding a kindred spirit to teach me to witness
68. Community group--growing!!!
69. Candle-lit


  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly about your Monday, and sharing the reminder that a prayer can turn a day around. I loved the photo of John 3:16 in Ukranian!

  2. Thanks for stopping by!! My dad brought that home for me after he went to Ukraine for a couple months to help a missionary friend. I've had it hanging up ever since! :-)