Thursday, April 7, 2011

How To Make A freezer burrito

 When I first saw the recipe for Brown Bag Burritos I was a little skeptical. I wasn't sure how well Burritos would freeze. I thought the tortilla would get soggy as it thawed, and honestly, freezer burritos just didn't sound very appetizing.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Of the freezer cooking days I've done, involving a total of 3 families over three months, one of the FAVORITE recipes has been freezer burritos, particularly with those of us who go to work every day. They are incredibly convenient. Just grab one (or two) of the foil wrapped frozen burritos out of the freezer, toss them in a lunch bag, and let them thaw through the morning. They'll be just about thawed when lunch time rolls around, and a minute or two in the microwave will get them piping hot and ready to eat. No soggy tortillas, just tasty burrito goodness.

The last couple months we've done Brown Bag Burritos (recipe link above). Recently I tried another recipe, Chicken and Rice Burritos, which I like even better than the old stand by. I'll post it in the next week or two. 

In the meantime, I thought I'd give a step by step tutorial for how to make a freezer burrito--regardless of what you stuff it with. 

Start with a large tortilla (be sure to use the burrito size--small tortillas are good for tacos, but don't work well for burritos. I learned that the hard way). Place the desired amount of filling in the center of the burrito, fold the edges in (this keeps the stuffing from running out), and roll from one end.

After rolling the burrito, place it in the center of a paper towl, and roll the paper town the same way the burrito was rolled. First fold the edges of the paper towl over the ends of the burrito, and then roll it up from one side. The purpose of the paper towel is to keep the burrito from drying out when it is warmed up in the microwave later. Your burrito should now look like the paper-towel burritos above.

Take the paper-towel covered burrito and place in the center of a square of tin-foil. Repeat the burrito roll. Fold the edges of the tin-foil over the ends of the paper-towel-burrito, then roll up from one side. The purpose of the tin foil is to protect the burrito from freezer burn. Remove this before warming the burrito up in the microwave.

For a more detailed look:

Place the paper-towel burrito on aluminum foil square

Fold edges of foil over ends of burrito

Roll up burrito fro one side

Finish rolling foil so burrito is completely covered

Depending on how ambitious you were, you may end up with a pile that looks like this:

Or a Freezer that looks like this:

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