Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hamburger Patty Christianity

When something happens that we consider unpleasant, frustrating, or downright bad, my husband and I have a question we'll ask each other. We'll look at each other and ask, "Are you going to be a Calvinist about this?"   Without getting into the whole "Calvinism vs. Armienism" debate, what we really mean is, "Do you believe in the absolute sovereignty of God over everything, even this? And do you trust Him enough to leave this situation in his hands?" Recently I had a couple chances to practice trusting God's absolute sovereignty, with mixed results.

The first of the two occasions happened last week. We didn't know the full extent of the issue yet, but we were faced with a trial in which the best case scenario was a fairly significant financial setback. Worst case was a bigger financial setback and major inconvienances over the next couple months. As difficult as the situation was, my husband and I encouraged each other in the Lord, and mutually were able to come to the point that we could trust God and wait patiently (without worry) to see Him work. I was batting pretty well that day, or so I thought.

The second occasion took place the very next day when my husband and I elected to stay home and work on around the house projects. One of my projects was making hamburger patties out of some ground beef I'd recently purchased. These patties weren't just any hamburger patties. They were destined to be AwesomeSauce Burgers--one of my husband's favorite man-meals (he named it himself). So these patties had to be just right.

Much to my dismay, when I went to look for the recipe I discovered that that particular recipe book had disappeared! I couldn't remember loaning it out, it wasn't on any of the cookbook shelves, nor could I spot it in any of the usual (or unusual) places. On top of that, google searches to see if the recipe was posted online, returned uniformly unsuccessful.  Nor could I  remember the recipe well enough to wing it.

This was just too much. The meat, while still good, was on the outside of it's refrigeratable shelf-life. Even if we didn't have a roadtrip planned for the following day, I doubted it would have lasted long enough to do it the next afternoon. I didn't want to risk another recipe when cooking in bulk, and these were my man's SPECIAL meals--the ones I pull out of the freezer when he's had a rough day to make his face light up. Having second-rate AwesomeSauce Burgers just wasn't an option.

In a matter of minutes my hubby's typically sweet and patient wife transformed into a serious grump. I was NOT happy. My face when from cheery to tight and upset. My words went from pleasant to frustrated. My body language followed the same course.

And that's when my husband asked the question:

"Dear--if you can trust God with this big situation we're dealing with, can't you trust Him with the  hamburger meat also?"

Wow. Talk about conviction.

When it comes to big things, things that truly are out of my control, I can talk like a Christian, act like a Christian, and generally be wonderful and spiritual. That's great! Wonderful! We NEED to be able to trust in God when something huge happens and takes us totally by surprise.

But sometimes it isn't the big things that are the most challenging. Sometimes we can talk Christian about trusting God with something big, but the reality is we only are trusting God with it because we realized we couldn't do anything about it ourselves anyway.  If we thought we had the power to change the situation ourselves we wouldn't continue trusting God--we'd handle it ourselves.  So we aren't REALLY trusting God, we're merely recognizing our own powerlessness and slapping a Christian veneer on it. Because of that I think our heart attitude can be revealed more by how we behave over the little things in our lives, things we THINK we control, than by the big things we already know are out of our control.

 We need to be Hamburger Patty Christians--Christians who are able to trust God with the little things. With the house that just won't stay picked up, even after we give it our best. With the day we start out late, and keep getting later. With the weeks (months!) that are rushed, harried, and non-stop. And with the hamburger patties that need to be made not tomorrow, but today.

 What about you? Are you a hamburger patty Christian? Do you trust God with big things and with little? Or do you struggle to trust Him when things aren't quite right? 


  1. Oh man Soph! Thankyou for saying that!

    Tonight I've been all in a tizzy about getting a low score on my exam. And I really don't know what will be the out come with my grades.

    It could be that if I get another low score I might get kicked out of my semester and have to take it again. OR it all might be okay!

    I have to wait till tomorrow to be able to call and ask the faculty what the grading policy is.But I need to realize that which ever it's all in God's hands!

  2. That's right, Ashley--He's got it all under control. He knew about the test score before you even took the test, and he can work that together for good. :-)

    I'll be praying about that for you--"where two or three are gathered together..." :-)

  3. Perfect reminder for me! I read this yesterday and while making dinner last night, my wonderful husband set the oven to the broiler temp. to "toast" the garlic bread (unbeknownst to me!). When I pulled them out of the oven BURNED, your words came back to me!! And my initial response of being irritated was replaced by one of thankfulness. I have a husband who loves to help me! The spaghetti and salad provided plenty for my family to eat! I have 3 precious children! Am I really going to cry over burnt garlic bread?!!! Thank you!!

  4. The things we cry over seem pretty silly when we look at them in the light of the gifts God has given us, don't they?

    Thanks for sharing your evening! As a fairly new blogger it's really encouraging to know that sharing the things God has been teaching me is actually helpful to others!! :-)