Friday, April 8, 2011

Five things...

I saw this on another blog I follow (Chantel, over at Love Life and Little Things). I really loved the idea. As she said, "Sometimes, I get so busy living that I almost forget about some of the life I’ve already lived, the little and big things I’ve already experienced, the days that built today." 

I look over my life and I can see frustrations and joys, regrets and hopes, times when I was close to God and times when I'd drifted away. I do think it is good to remember where one has been, and where one is going in order to keep a clearer perspective on what is going on in life right now. 

Ten Years ago I:
1. was 15 years old.
2. Was just starting to graple with who I was in Christ
3. Had just returned from my first (and only so far) out-of-country mission trip.
4. Spent hours every week either in the saddle, or working on a horse ranch to pay for those hours in the saddle.
5. Organized my own drama team, with enough material for an hour of two-person short skits, and performed at several different places around the metroplex.

Five Years ago I:
1. Was 20.
2. Worked part time as a care-taker.
3. Spent over a month away from home learning to love Christ (though I thought I had left to learn music)
4. Spent hours each week singing
5. Went on a mission trip to New Mexico

One year ago, I:
1. Had just turned 24
2. Was newly engaged
3. Started blogging again, after taking several years off
4. Graduated college
5. Learned LOTS about linen and dying fabrics

So far this year, I:
1. Worked full time for the first time ever
2. Got rid of bed-bugs
3. Heard the first concert of the Darling Durlings
4. Managed to total a car for the first time (surprisingly easy!)
 5. Have read  over 15 books (in 3 months)

Yesterday, I:
1. Worked both of my jobs
2. went grocery shopping
3. Made fresh kifer
4. Went to community group (which was awesome!!)
5. Made brownie cake

Today, I:
1. invited a bunch of people to my SIL's baby shower
2. Started a long letter to an old friend
3. cleaned the house
4. Will stay home from church and make a salad
5. went through some boxes of my husbands childhood mementos

Tomorrow I will:
1. Not stay home from church
2. sell my car for $300
3. attend a "beautiful inside and out" conference
4. babysit till the wee hours of the night
5. Sleep well :P

In one year I will:
1. Be 26
2. have gone on my first backpacking trip with my man
3. Have set aside at least 6 months of food storage
4. Have had a baby (Lord willing!)
5. Be at home full time

in five years I will:

1. Be 30ish
2. be looking at houses with my man (Lord willing)
3. Be looking at houses with LAND!!! Where I can have rabbits, chickens, goats and fruit trees!  (dreaming big!)
4. Will have a couple miniture people runnning around the house (maybe?)
5. Still be crazy-mad-head-over-heels in love with my man--and we'll be wrapping up the first 5 and a half years of our honeymoon (scheduled to last about 70 years, give or take a decade ;-) )

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