Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1000 gifts

I've been falling down on the job with keeping up my 1000 gifts posts here!! Whether or not the actual posts happen here, though, I'm still keeping up with it in my journal. :-)

31. Waterdrops catching the sun
32. A squirrel running up apartment steps
33. A Mockingbird perched wary on fence
34. hand mixed paint

35. pear trees in bridal dress
36. flecks of sunshine reflected on showered blossoms
37. Weeping Willows bending graceful
38. Walks to the park
39. A helping hand in needed moment
40. funny faces to sour ice

41. a letter hidden between Bible pages
42. costume jewlery
43. Whispered conversations late at night
44. Early morning snuggle
45. Picnic by the pond
46. Nutella spread on toast

47. Splashes of color on a bird house
48. my man in an apron on Sunday morning

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