Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Worthwhile Reads

Here are some things I've read the last few weeks that are worth passing on. I imagine this will be a continuing feature, as there are so many good things out there! Enjoy!!!

In Heaven as on Earth "I live with these human eyes, and with these human eyes of mine I label. I label one thing as good and one thing as bad. I label moments as blessing or burden. And I forget that all this labeling, it is not my right, not my place, not mine to do. To declare what is a gift in my life and what is a curse is to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, to sit in the garden full of abundance and beauty and choose the forbidden. The knowledge of good and evil, that was never intended for me. Could I, like Jja Ja Maria just quit my labeling and say, "Whatever God wants. Whatever HE wants!"

Secrets of a Former Credit Card Thief --Concerned about identity and/or credit thieft? You should be!! An interesting article from a former ID and credit thief

Sometimes He Flops --It's easy to love your man when he treats you like a princess. But what about when he messes up? "God knows HE is the only one who can love you the way you need to be loved.  In His lovingkindness, He gives you someone who will help you draw closer to Him, not replace Him."  

12 ways to love your man without saying a word -- Some great ideas, and an even better reminder to actively find ways to love our husbands.

His Future Wife -- For those young women who don't yet have husbands to "love without saying a word?" Don't be so sure. There are things you can do NOW for that man who, God willing, will be in your life someday.

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