Sunday, March 20, 2011


My blog has been quiet the last week. Not because I don't want to write, or haven't been writing. I have been. I've been writing down post ideas on the new-to-us laptop my husband and I got--the small one that I take to work with me and type away on when my boss is too sleepy to talk.

I've been writing down my list of joys--one by one. Numbering them in my mind and heart, then numbering them on paper.

But I haven't just been writing...

I've been doing laundry, cleaning house, making the bed. I've been putting away the valentines decorations... and the Christmas dishes. I've been making dinner.

I've been learning. Canning. Living simply. Bread-making. Economics--worldwide and local. The value of the dollar, and what that means to us.

And that's why the blog has been silent. I hope next week I'll have time to post some--there's enough material to keep me busy for awhile. But for now I'll leave you with one picture--and if I'd have to put down a few of the 1000 words this picture is worth they would be, "Slow down and enjoy life!!"

Because the reason this bread didn't rise is that
I was too busy to remember the yeast. :-P

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!!!

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