Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend away

As  I mentioned in my last post, my man decided to surprise me with a trip. I managed to wheedle out of him that we were headed to a B&B, but that was all he would divulge. We both tend prefer an air of mystery when it comes to giving gifts to each other.

How was the weekend, you ask?


I've had a "thing" for Bed and Breakfasts for several years now. They fascinate me. I love looking at them, I've imagined owning one, and I've always wanted to stay in one. A B&B combines the best of all worlds. Like colors? Do each room in a different one!! Like various time periods? Pick a few and decorate away! Like a particular time period? Make the whole house a theme! A B&B is free for interpretation--it's keeper is limited only by her imagination!

Even better, most B&Bs have some sort of history. For example, the man who built this house had six sons and one daughter. The sons had fallen into disfavor because they light something on fire in a closet (I don't remember if it was accidental or otherwise).  As a result, they got put on Closet Probation. Only two bedrooms in the house had a closet--the daughters room and the parents room. Also, because there was only one daughter she got some special treatment. When her father was making the plans for the house she'd just finished reading Romeo and Juliet, and so she asked her father to make her a balcony like Juliet's balcony.  He obliged (as you can see in the picture).

As you can imagine, I enjoyed the stay tremendously. As much as I enjoyed poking around the 100 year old house (and the collected ancient books and antiques), I enjoyed breakfast even more. We ate with the two other couples staying there, and even though we came from different places and stages of life, had a very enjoyable conversation. Provided I'm with my husband (he's the conversationalist, I'm the one who enjoys listening) I love meeting new people.

After checking in Friday evening and hearing the stories about the house I was feeling nostalgic. So when my man asked what I wanted for dinner I told him I was in the mood for all American burgers and shakes. He said he knew just the place. What I didn't mention was that I was picturing us sitting together at a tall table in an old corner drug store, sipping on a shake (one shake. Two straws, two cherries), complete with saddle back shoes and a poodle skirt.

Tell him that or not, that's precisely what he gave me (well, minus the saddleback shoes and poodle skirt).

Is my man awesome or what? *grins happily*

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