Monday, February 14, 2011


It's been longer than I like since I posted here--I do try for a several times a week but sometimes that doesn't quite happen.

Because it is February, the month of love, I've been focusing more of my attention on my other blog, Whispers of Love, which is devoted to courtship, love, and marriage. Appropriate time for that, no? I've started listing 100 reason I love my husband, in addition to a couple more installments on my own love story. Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of when my husband proposed, and I have something special written up about that event. I'm looking forward to sharing it!

I have good plans for Love Lifted Me as well. I mentioned not to long ago that I would be starting a project to list 1000 gifts. This project was originally inspired by Ann Voscamp of A Holy Experience, and her book One Thousand Gifts. When I decided to do the project I hadn't read the book yet. I'm on the last few chapters now, and I have one descriptve word for it.


It is intense, and exciting, and deep and convicting all rolled up into one book.  I'll save further summary of it for the soon-coming book report. 

As our two year anniversary (of being together) is the day after Valentines day, I'll be starting that project tomorrow. What a wonderful time to start numbering the gifts that my savior has so graciously given me!!!

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