Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The last three weeks have been intense. My Man and I haven't had a weekend rest because we've been working on things at our church, and then the week-days have been the usual crazy. It got to the point that the only uninterrupted time we had was our sacred weekly Date Night--and even one of those nights my man couldn't get out of some work.

This past weekend topped everything off. It was supposed to be our first real weekend off this year. We both had some chores to do--my hubby at the church and me working on some freezer cooking, but only expected it to be a couple hours. Our estimates were both off. By about 8 hours. We dragged ourselves home afterwords, and went straight to bed.

After the past few weeks we've both agreed things need to change. We can't be moving so fast that our only evening at home is Date Night. We can't be doing so many things (even things that help the church) that I am unable to attend (or, at least, unable to remain conscious during the service). We can't be so busy that my man can't be sharp at work.

And I'm reminded....

God isn't glorified by busyness.

Exhaustion isn't necessarily the sign of a productive spiritual life.

Nor does resting necessarily mean spiritual atrophy.

That's why this week we are slowing down. We are saying "no."  We are recuperating. We are choosing to rest in the sanctuary of our home.

And that is good.

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