Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Mini Freezer Cooking day--Chicken

Yesterday I had a blessing delivered to me from my mother. She had found a company that, as a one-time deal, was selling all-natural, hormone-free, boneless, skinless chicken  breasts for $1.50 a lb. Because the price was so low they only sell the chicken by the 40lb case (each case is divided into four 10lb bags).

I was so excited about the price that I decided to purchase an entire case!!! My mom was kind enough to pick the case up for me when she got hers, and delivered it right to my door. Now THAT is the way to get meat!! :-)

Of course, 40lbs of chicken is quite a lot for our little family of two, and I really don't want us getting sick of chicken. So I decided to make a wide variety of meals, that way we aren't eating the same thing twice. I'm also only going to serve the chicken 3 times a week (one night is date night and we eat out, one night is for fish, one night for beef, one night leftovers). I decided to major on easy marinades, with some fancier things thrown in here and there.

So far I've made:

6 dinners worth of Teriyaki Chicken   (half of these are chopped for stirfry)
5 dinners worth of Cheesy Chicken Bundles
4 dinners of Asian Chicken (Stirfry)
4 dinners of Italian Chicken (I just used Italian dressing as a marinade)
4 dinners of  Cranberry Chicken
4 dinners of Italian Chicken Roll-Ups

I still have about 7 chicken breasts left that I wasn't able to get to today. With those I plan to make:

Chicken Marsala I picked this recipe because both my man and I love the Chicken Marsala at Olive Garden. I would love to be able to fix something similar myself.
Chicken Packets--I was reminded of this old favorite when I was looking at other recipes. My mama used to make this, and as I have an abundance of cream cheese it was a no-brainer!

With all this freezer cooking it's getting to be a challenge to find ways to creatively fit everything in!! But from my estimates we'll have over a month worth of lunches, and about 40ish dinners when all is finished. As much as I enjoy cooking, I'm really looking forward to having some easy-to-throw together meals ready to go in my freezer!!

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