Wednesday, January 12, 2011

experiments in housekeeping

Of all the rooms in the house the kitchen is the place of my greatest triumphs and most frustrating struggles. It is the most difficult room to keep clean, probably because it is also my most productive work place.

 Of all the areas of struggle the spot of GREATEST difficulty in the kitchen is my sink. It is so hard to keep all the dishes done! As soon as I wash one I find 2 more that are dirty! But I get an immense amount of satisfaction when I do wake up to a clean, empty sink.

When I was first married I made it a point to always get the dishes finished before going to bed. That worked well until the bedbug crisis in December, at which point all housekeeping switched to 'survival mode.'

Now we are past that crisis and, particularly with the recent sighting of some ants, I am determined to get back on the dish-free bandwagon. So this week my experiment in housekeeping is to have a ZERO tolerance policy for dishes in the sink. Instead of focusing on having the dishes done at night, I'm focusing on not putting them in the sink in the first place. Dishes get rinsed and immediately put in the dishwasher.

We will see how it goes. My husband has kindly agreed to help out in the evenings, so perhaps with his help this experiment will be a success!

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