Monday, January 10, 2011


When I got married I had some rather wrong ideas about marriage and, more specifically, about myself. As a single girl I looked at the married women I knew and saw something different in them. They just seemed to be generally wiser, to know exactly what to do in situations I would have been completely lost in. Naturally I concluded that the reason they seemed different was the fact that they were married.

Of course, my husband and I weren't back from the honeymoon before I realized that there is no mysterious wife-knowledge gained by a wedding, no automatic character bonus gained post-marriage. I was precisely the same woman 5 days after the wedding vows that I was 5 days before them.

I'm really not sure WHY this was such a revelation to me. I'm not sure why I expected to become a better person as a whole just by getting married. But it was a genuine surprise to me the day I realized that I, myself, could actually be





I am not always patient--even with the most wonderful man in the world. My speech isn't always seasoned with grace--and certainly isn't anything like "apples of gold in pictures of silver."  I worry incessantly. I'm childish. I push for things to happen. I want to sit and plan for hours with my husband when all he needs is rest. I nag my husband. I complain. In fact, I can even complain and nag when I'm perfectly happy with things!!

So this week in my quiet time I am focusing on asking for God for two things. First, that He will help me hold my tongue, to pause and consider my words before blurting out something hurtful. Second, and most important, that He will help me recognize sinful attitudes before they ever have a chance to come out in my words.

What about you? What are you asking God for this week?

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