Friday, December 10, 2010

You can't take a picture of Joy

A lot of joys--most of them, probably--can't have their pictures taken. Little things that make a world of difference. Things like what my mama told me happened yesterday when she finished a fresh loaf of bread.

The bread top, the choisest part of the loaf, was unusually large and fluffy so my mom called my youngest brother to get it. His eyes grew large with admiration when he saw it, and as he took it from her he said, "I better eat this fast before Soph gets home from work!"

"Soph isn't coming home--remember? She lives with Richard now." Mom reminded him.

"Oh....right." my brother grinned at the thought of all the bread tops that would be his, but then the grin faded. "Aww. I miss the competition!"

The story still makes me smile. Another thing that made me smile today was the sunrise. {17}I didn't realize what a nice view our apartment has. Granted, the skyline is a bit obstructed, but even so the colors are so pretty! I was too busy admiring to get a picture of the most colorful part, but I did get one of the sun rising.

Then today at work I got to open a letter from a dear friend. She writes me faithfully, and each letter is a gem. I do love getting letters in the mail!! {18}

This evening after work my man took me to the gun range. {19} This is just our second trip to the range since I bought my handgun, and I need more trigger time. To be very honest, I wasn't very excited about going. I knew we needed to, but I've been feeling some stress about our schedule. Overall we've been doing good at simplifying life, but it is hard to remember the overall good job when I'm in the midst of a triple booked weekend. But in the end I was glad we went. I really do enjoy my new gun (even if it isn't quite the hobby for me as it is for my husband!) and I know I need more time with it.

And then this evening we skipped a concert to visit family. {20} I enjoyed going over to Richard's folks house. We don't see them very often at non-church things. Since the wedding it's been hard to keep everyone well enough for visiting!! But we did go this evening and closed out a delicious dinner with egg nog icecream cones. Ahhh.... life is good. :-)

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