Monday, December 13, 2010

Weekend joys

This weekend has been full of Joys--and otherwise. I enjoy going places, but most of the time I enjoy my homecoming more than I enjoy whatever I'd gone to. I get grumpy when I've been away from home for awhile. :-)

My first joy this weekend (at least that I took a picture of!) was going to pick up eggs. I prefer to buy my eggs from a local dealer. He only has a few chickens, and isn't on my usually traveled paths, so I don't always get to indulge my taste for farm fresh eggs. But this weekend everything worked out and I have three dozen eggs. Yay!!

Saturday afternoon I went to the bridal shower of a friend. I enjoyed visiting with a lot of old friends, and seeing her again. I love weddings!

In the evening I went to babysit. We watched a movie together, she played with my camera (for this joy I had lots of picture options!!) and then I read a story to the younger of the two. She loved pointing out the pictures of things she recognized. WE stayed up later than I intended to, so instead of taking an hour to get to sleep, as usual, my charges were out almost as soon as the lights were off.

Sunday, as always, was a special day. My husband taught sunday school and did a wonderful job. Teaching is one of his favorite things, and I love seeing him up there doing what he loves. He has nearly finished a series on the life of Joseph. In the morning service my father in law taught--it was his traditional Christmas sermon, and if I can get the notes for it I plan to post them.

That evening after a nap I introduced my husband to an old family favorite, the Rocketeer. After such a very busy weekend the time together was just what we both needed. While we watched we worked on our Christmas letter.

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