Monday, December 20, 2010

A special Birthday Joy

This past Saturday was My Man's birthday, so while it was a full, busy weekend, it was full of things we did for him. We started the weekend off with a trip to the theatres to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader with a friend of ours. {37} I didn't care for the movie and wouldn't let my children (when the Lord blesses us with them) see it, though I thought it was a noble effort. My husband didn't even allow that. It was rather sad to see a beloved and uplifting story turned into a "pirates of the carribian" type tale, complete with talismans.

At least they left in a line at the end where Aslan tells the children that he is known by another name in our world. That was a big deal.

That would be my man's rockstar pose. :P

The next day was Richard's birthday proper. We started the day with a meal of bacon and waffles with whipped cream and berry topping. It was tasty, but I didn't take a picture. After finishing our meal we went to pick up Arthur, Richard's only brother, and took him with us to the Gun Show. I had fun talking to him on the way, and have officially promised him a camping trip in 10 years where he can help out with howevermany kids we have by then. When I pointed out that by then he'd be 19 years old and big enough to toss the little ones up in the air his face lit up like Christmas lights.

Joy 38, my little brother Arthur

Going to the gun show was a Very Big Deal. It was, in fact, the way that my husband had determined to spend his 21st birthday over 5 years ago when he first took up firearms as a hobby. He has eagerly awaited the day that he could 1) legally purchase a handgun from a dealer, and 2) legally obtain his concealed handgun permit. Ever since we got married he has saved every bit of his spending/play money for this day, and now that we were finally AT the gun show he was nearly out of his mind with excitement. He almost reminded me of a kid in a candy shop the way he went from table to table, but UNlike that overwhelmed little boy, Richard was quite purposeful. He went through the entire show, narrowing down the options in a surprisingly short peirod of time. He finally came to two choices, and after examining both with a critical eye made his decision. Afterwords were the REAL looks of delight. He still hasn't stopped fondling his new acquisition. I'm seeing a range trip in the near future.

On the way to dinner we passed by the chapel where we were married. I could see it's steeple from the window as we passed. It's hard to believe we've already been married 3 months. 3 months and 4 days to be exact.It's been wonderful, nothing like I expected and yet exactly the way I should have known it would be.

Joy 40, "our" chapel

Richard shares his birthday with Aunt Latrell. She isn't blood related, but spending 40 years on the mission field in Taiwan with Richard's grandparents made her and Uncle Jack every bit as close kinfolk as blood relatives. The same day Richard turned 21, Aunt Latrell turned 80--two big milestones.

Joy 41, shared birthdays

We celebrated by having a family dinner at Kings, a "real chineese restaurant." As Uncle Jack (and the rest of the family) assured me. While I love Chinese food, this was my first time to eat the genuine article at a restaurant (though Richard's mom, who was raised in Taiwan, can make an amazing--and authentic--chinese meal). One thing that I thought was neat were the little dessert... uhm, puff things. I can't remember what they were called, probably because I don't speak chinese. Anyway, they were puffy sweet things with red bean middles, and were shaped like rose buds. Very tasty.

Joy 42, funny little puffed rosebud chinese desserts

The evening was concluded with the gift I gave Richard--a computer game, actually. It was a departure from the norm and NOTHING like whatever it was he was expecting, but he loved it all the same. I love surprising him. I can't wait till Christmas.

Sunday morning the children at church put on a Christmas drama, "The Case of the Missing Christmas." It was VERY well done. Richard's mom, a very talented musician, pulled it all together. The amazing thing is that she was able to get 40 children to both sing and act the entire thing out!! As Richard put it, she's pretty amazing. :-)

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