Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Patchwork quilt

Today was like a patchwork quilt of joys. Bright colors, muted colors, colors that look like they SHOULDN'T go together, but somehow mesh perfectly.

On my way to work this morning I noticed the tree just outside our third floor apartment. REALLY noticed it. It looks like it is in four different seasons--some leaves have fallen, leaving bare winter branches. True to Texas weather, however, I saw some spring-like buds on some of those bare branches, reminding me that spring won't be long in coming. The tree still has summer-green leaves, though, of course, most of them have now put on their cheerful orange, red, and yellow fall outfits. Welcome to seasons in Texas. :-)
Then at work today I made cookies with my kiddos. Well, that and a bazillian other things. Most days we get home fix a snack, watch a TV show and rush off to wherever. I'd like to do more, but after a full school day the kids are ready to sit for a bit--and after they've had their break it is time for me to go. But half-days give us more time together, and give them more energy. So today we did nearly everything we've been WANTING to do. And one of those things was making 3 dozen cookies together. {32}

Today my man and I ended up at church in two vehicles (happens when we both come straight from work). Usually I hate being in the same place in two vehicles, but today I'm glad we did. The moments of forgetting we are married are getting fewer and fewer, but today I had one of those panic moments today as I was driving up. His car was the only one in that vast empty parking lot and I thought in dismay, "Man. I hope he called to see when a chaperon was gonna be here...Oh, wait... That's right. We're married now."

It wasn't exactly rare that Richard and I ended up at the church by ourselves while we were engaged. We both tend to be there a lot anyway, and while we always planned to arrive after other people it seemed to be a common occurrence that his family would have a change in plans and come late--generally not remembering to notify us. In such cases either I'd read in the parking lot while he did whatever inside, or he'd come out to visit while we waited. While I certainly enjoyed any time we spent together, I'd spend the entire time stressed about the reactions his family would have. Therefore it's a REAL JOY for it to not matter anymore whether we have a chaperon at church. {33} I LOVE seeing those two cars together in the parking lot. :-)

It's a joy to make my man smile after a hard day of work. Even if I have to use a baby bell roll of cheese and turn it into a Pac-Man. {34}

It was a joy this evening to wrap up the evangelism class I've been taking. {35} beforehand everyone was catching up on their homework--unlike me, angel of studiousness that I am. Yeah, okay. So I did all my homework today also. :P

BUT, there's a story there. Part of the homework is that you have to witness to two Christians who aren't in the class (the above picture), two unsaved people in natural relationships (think family, co-workers, friends, people you already know), and two unsaved people you aren't regularly around. I planned to share the gospel with the two children I look after, plus a co-worker. I totally chickened our on the co-worker, and I asked God for help with the rest of the day. He helped by having one of the children's friends over, giving me 3. I'd already told them the day before that I needed to share my faith with 4 people, and the kids volunteered to help. That made it a LOT easier, even though I was still very awkward. I really don't get why witnessing is so hard...

One thing came out of the class that I know will have an eternal impact. Christiana, Richard's younger sister, accepted Christ as her savior. {36} Her mom was sharing with her as part of the homework, and she understood! She was so VERY happy this evening--and so was I. Now she is my sister twice over!!

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