Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Of Bedbugs and Pillow Forts

Marriage is fill of interesting complexities. Sometimes it can be hard and challenging. But other times it can be down right fun--and even silly.

The past two weeks we have been waging the War On Bugs (we've been pretty successful, too--its been a weeek since we saw one!) We decided earlier this week that it was time to do a test and set out our first bedbug sensor. The sensor goes where the bugs would be (around the bed) and, over the course of 5 days, lures the awful creatures to their Doom. People should not be present during the luring process, as it can confuse the bugs.

The dismal prospect of trading our bed for the couch for 5 nights while the sensor did its work had both my husband and me down. Until, that is, I had a stroke of brilliance! I pushed the two ends of our sectional together, placed a tall pole (shower rod) near the "head" of our new couch, suspended a blanket over the top of the pole and backs of the couch sections, used a few bottles of neem as a counter weight and voila! It was finished!

My husband got a good laugh when he saw my handiwork, but he agreed with me. Sleeping on a couch isn't nearly as much fun as sleeping in a pillow fort.

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