Friday, December 10, 2010

Morning to evening

It isn't often that I sleep in. It does happen a couple times a month, but not much more often than that. Generally our morning routine is such: At 6:30 sharp I hear the chiming rings of my husbands Evo. I let it chime, having learned awhile ago that in order to wake up my husband needs the trek through the apartment to the office to turn the alarm off. He stumbles back to bed (stopping for a glass of water) and instantly goes back to sleep--reminding me of a similar scene in the old version of "Your, Mine and Ours." I stay put for another 10-15 minutes, and then get up to get breakfast going. Around 7ish my husband awakes has his quiet time, and we meet for breakfast before heading our separate ways for work.

But this morning was a little different. I don't work today, and he can go in later than usual. So? We slept in. {13} In fact, I didn't even get out of bed till 8:00. It was lovely.

This morning I was running an errand and I happened to be driving down the feeder street onto 114. This was the exact spot where, just over a month ago, my husband and I were driving on a very rainy morning to visit family. My husband was driving carefully, but as we came over the hill and headed down our car started hydroplaining across the lane and eventually crashed into the guardrail. We weren't hurt, but my poor little MousieMobile (yes, that was the name of my car) looked pretty poorly. To make a long story short, the car was totalled and for the next 3 weeks we were a 1 vehicle, 3 work-schedules family. But God provided for us in some amazing and totally unlooked for ways. He took something potentially life threatening and used it to bless us. And today, as I was driving past, I took a picture of that guardrail in the rear-view mirror of my new-to-me car. {14}

Today was basketball day for my Babysitting job, which means that I drop one of my young charges off for his basketball lessons. I generally stay the first little while to make sure everything goes well till class starts (we are always early, class always starts late, but that makes for more scrimmage time). One of the boys in the class has a little sister who waits for him on the sidelines. She is fearless--greeting everybody, and watching all proceedings with her big dark eyes. She brings her own basketball, even though she isn't in the class, and scampers up and down the sidelines dribbling it. Every now and then she takes a tumble, but she always comes back to the basketball.  She is so much fun to watch. She moves so fast I couldn't get a good picture, but her face is always looking toward the "big" boys anyway, as she intently studies their game. {15}

Then later this evening my man was kind enough to run a few errands for me while I got the final dinner preparations underway. I'm learning it is dangerous to send my husband for things, as he always comes back with extras. But then, that's dad's prerogative, right? And, Lord willing, he needs the "dad" practice. So this time when he got home he presented me with his aquisitions, and then with a flourish presented the root beer and bluebell icecream. Tastiness. So once we had the kitchen cleaned up we feasted upon desert {16} while watching one of his favorite TV shows. I could have taken a picture of that too, as I love snuggling up with him to watch a good show, but I didn't think about it. But rootbeer floats with my man are pretty awesome, show or not. :-)

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