Wednesday, December 8, 2010

More Joy

Joy is such a small thing... or rather, it can be had over such small things. Joy can be found in something as simple as a change in weather or something as complex as the deep love of a dear friend. Although I don't generally struggle with finding joy, this exercise to both see and document it has been good for me. This is only my third 'joy' post, and already I am more thankful for and content with the gifts God has given me.

A joy I had yesterday evening was a clean kitchen. While my family never considered me a particluarly orderly person, I resolved when I got married to do better--particularly I regard to the kitchen, and MORE particularly in regard to dirty dishes. I started out well, but the last several weeks while dealing with bedbugs and exterminators along with everything else I normally do it has simply been more than I can keep up with. Seeing my kitchen orderly again (along with the dirty dishes and living room!) brings joy to my heart!

Another joy of mine is in the lunch hours I spend at home. I've always loved the lunch hour, because my jobs are located in such a way that it makes most sense to go home in between. I love my home. But lunch hours are sweeter now in an unexpected way, as  now that we have internet I can chat with my man while I do things around the house. Instant messaging is a wonderful thing, no?

I found Joy this evening as I filled in the last blank of the final Faith Bible Institute (FBI) test of the semester. I only have one more semester and then I'll be completely done with the three year intensive Bible course. Hurray!!!

I found joy this evening in a congratulatory/victory kiss from my man after the test. I do SO love his kisses.

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