Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Living Joy

Mondays first joy was in a clean plate. I work for a lady who lacks only  6 months of being 100 years old. She is a sweet lady, but the last few months I have been pretty concerned about her. I often couldn't get her to eat at all, and she was having some other problems as well. But then about a month ago the doctor adjusted her medications and now I see a completely clean plate most days! God is good!!

When I got home on Monday I had another joy--I had packages delivered from JC Penny's. A couple weeks ago they were having an AMAZING sale, and I had about $40 to spend. I mainly was after shirts for my man, as he is running low, but the coupon was soo good that after I'd done all the damage I could in the mens department I moved on to other parts of the store. I was up till about 2am, but after seeing the fruits of my labor I think it was worth it.

Earlier this week my man re-opened a computer game he is the admin of. {28} He'd temporarily closed it after we were married to focus on more important things, but then found that he needed the accountability of a writing outlet. He reopened it a week ago on a smaller scale. I'm not big on most computer games, but the one that my husband runs is something I find both enjoyable and constructive. Before we were courting this was one of many things we enjoyed doing together, and I'm looking forward to being able to play with him again.

 Yesterday my husband and I went on a walk together at a light show near my parents house. My man wasn't feeling particularly great that evening, but he was kind enough to humor me with a very romantic walk. It was so pretty to see all the lights covering the trees!

Even though he wasn't feeling particularly well that evening, my man seemed to perk up during our walk to the "frisky" stage. It was quite a challenge to get a picture, but I persevered!!!

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