Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I'm finding Joy in the little things. Little things like the books that are turned down on my bookshelf. A dear friend visited my apartment for the first time this week, and while she was here I let her peruse our collection of books. The expression on her face as she went from treasure to treasure was priceless. She was delighted when I told her she was welcome to borrow as many as she liked--I told her to turn down the ones that she wanted to borrow, and I'd bring a couple each week to church. I think she's even more of a bokworm than I am.... :-)

I found joy in a book I started reading to the lady I take care of. After the first chapter she asked for a second--and I readily complied!!

I found joy in a letter I got in the mail today, inviting my husband and I to the wedding of a friend. It is so exciting to see couples come together, and this will be the first wedding I've been to since my own!

I find joy in a full glass of fresh tea. The glass means that my man is near at hand--the work day is over and he just wants a few quiet moments, a wife to kiss, and something cool to drink.


  1. That's too funny...I've been re-reading The Hidden Hand the last couple of weeks. :-P

  2. It's such a good book!! I'd forgotten how enjoyable a story it was. :-)