Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heaven on Earth

I've gotten a lot out of the 100 joys project--I still may not make it all the way to 100 before the end of the year--but what I HAVE done has been a blessing to me. I look through my previous posts and it's like I have my own treasure chest of Joys--enough to brighten any day. I've loved the project. But today I am bursting at the seams with joy, and I don't have a single picture to show for it!

I have this week off work. It's been wonderful to be at home all day. Monday I never stepped outside the walls of my house until my beloved came home and took me out. I worked all day and finally got the house "under control." Our clothes are put away, the dishes have been done, the office is orderly, and the bed is made. At the time of this writing it it isn't perfectly clean, but that's just because we've lived in it since yesterday. An hour of work and it'll be "company ready" again.That is such a wonderful feeling!!

Not only have I had this week off of work, but I've also had this week off my ordinary duties of cooking. Monday was date night, Tuesday we were at my parents house. I enjoy cooking (immensely!) but I've also enjoyed having a few days without that responsibility.

And then I'm also so in love with my wonderful man. Last week we had our very first misunderstanding--and it was entirely my fault because I went and changed my expectations of him without having the courtesy to notify him of the change. But he completely and freely forgave me. I am reminded of the joy the shepherd in the Bible experienced over the lost sheep--he was more excited about it being restored than about the 99 that were never lost. I am more filled with joy over a restored relationship than I was over a relationship that hadn't been tested.

So today I am working on the last round of Christmas presents. I am getting the final bit of housework taken care of. I am catching up my wedding photo album. I am listening to old time country hymns. I am looking through my goals for the coming year. I am counting my blessings. I'm thanking God for a husband who truly does love me as Christ loves the Church.

And I feel like I'm tasting a bit of Heaven on earth.

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