Tuesday, December 21, 2010

cooking joys and a lunar eclipse

Monday morning I woke up with a sore throat and generally under the weather. I'm not actually sure if I ever DID wake up before lunch time, though I did end up at work at the appointed time. It was hard to get up the gumption to leave the house for work, but I only had two work days left this year which I kept reminding myself of on the way there. I enjoy my jobs, but my house needs attention.

Upon my arrival home I did a spot of desperately needed cleaning, and then commensed with the marshmallow making. I made a batch last week and my man enjoyed it so much he asked me to put some together for him to take to work. I gladly obliged.

First I boiled the sugar mixture, than whipped it up with the gelatin mixture for about 15 minutes. With a well coconut oiled spatula I spread it in a pan and let it sit.

I overcooked this batch a wee bit (when trying to take the pictures) so I was concerned something wouldn't work quite right. But they turned out beautifully, and after I added the chocolate dipping and peppermint sprinkles they were perfect.

After this effort I was pretty worn out, which brings me to my next joy. Let me start out with saying that since we were married I have taken pride in my cooking. The area I was most concerned about pre-marriage has turned out to be one of my greatest joys post-marriage. To put it in short--my man eats very well. I make nearly everything from scratch to avoid unhealthy additives. I make my own crackers, salad dressing, and mayonnaise and I grind my own wheat into flour to make my own bread. I buy from local sellers when possible--both the milk we drink and the eggs I buy. Organic is a decent second choice. I get a real sense of joy and satisfaction when I can put a meal that is totally mine and totally healthy in front of my man.

I feel guilty when I take short cuts for no good reason, because I know that with any less than what I do my husband will be eating MSG, aspartame, hormones, and  a whole host of other bad things. But sometimes there is a good reason to have a backup plan in the fridge, and Monday evening was one of those evenings. So my 47 joy is Dinner in a Bag.

After dinner I did a little more around the house work, then pretty much went straight to bed--at my man's command. I have a hard time slowing down, even when I know I need to. Perhaps I should have slept the entire night, but I knew my man was going to watch the lunar eclipse, and I didn't want to be left out of something that only happens about every 400 years or so. So around 1:30 my man and I went out to wach as the moon slowly shrunk to a slivr, and then to nothingness.

The weather was perfect--pretty, clear, and just crisp enough to remind us that it was December. I enjoyed the hour we spent together watching it.

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