Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas presents

I really enjoy the Christmas season. I love the decorations, the music, the seasonal cheer. As the song says, "it's the most wonderful time of the year!"

These poinsettas were put out on the tables where I work. They are pretty good about keeping the cecorations fresh and seasonal, and I've enjoyed all the Christmas reds and greens. It was also a joy, however, to know that this was the last time I'd see them. I'm off work for the rest of the year. I love my job, but I can't wait for some days at home!!

While at work I had some presents to give to the people that help look after M'lady. It was fun to give them the presents, as they weren't expecting anything.

After work I did the final present shopping. I'm so glad to be finished!! {52} I don't find present shopping stressful in the least (on the contrary, I greatly enjoy it!!) but I don't usually let it stretch quite so late in the season. It's good to have finishes, and I'm looking forward to giving the gifts I've chosen.

In the evening I curled up with my man on the couch to watch a show. We'd intended to do something more constructive... but I've just been too tired lately. I did figure out what I have, though. It isn't a cold--it is laryngitis. I don't know why I didn't realize it before. I used to have seasonal laryngitis, but I've missed it the last couple years. My main complaints are a sore throat and tiredness. There is congestion, but it isn't too bad. The voice is gradually diminishing. So, yes. Laryngitis.

Anyway, Wednesday night we cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie, and as we did I noticed one of the ornaments on our tree. It isn't easily seen during the day, because it is brown, but at night the back-light from the christmas lights bring it to the forefront.  I think the one word sums up what the season SHOULD be, but not always what it IS.

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