Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas celebration--2 of 4

Our second Christmas celebration took place Christmas Eve, with my family. We arrived back from Christmas #1 and had just enough time to clean the house (in a throw-things-in-closets-to-be-dealt-with-later kind of way) and get presents together before leaving. On a very spur-of-the-moment idea, I grabbed two santa hat and told my husband we were going to wear them to my parents' house. He protested at first, but then went along with it--to the point that he wore it inside Walgreens when we had to make a stop! My wonderful, good-humored man.

I enjoyed being with my family. Since the two weddings it's been more and more difficult to get the entire family together at once. Mom had to get a picture of the two new couples together on the couch. She took a picture first, and we all shouted "No! Wait!" And dove for our Christmas hats. Properly attired in seasonally festive attire, she was allowed to snap the picture.
Joy 63
 I was still suffering from the cold/laryngitis/throat infection, and so spared my voice that evening by whispering. When a call went out for somebody to play Santa I enthusiastically volunteered. As 'Santa' was horse, however, she needed a translator. Josiah wanted to help also, so he was the elf in charge of actually handing the present to the person. So, in order to delever a present Santa whispered the name to her helper, who announced the name and handed the gift to the elf, who carried the gift to the recipient. It was great. :P
One of my favorite gifts this year was to my middle brother, Dallas, and came directly off of his (very immaginitive) wish list. He wished for a girl friend. So I got him a girl. She was about 2 inches tall, had wings, was made of plaster, and cost $1.99.
Joy 65
After the gift exchange we had family dinner. Since the two newest additions to the Rhoades family we've had to break out the extra leaf to the family table. As you can see, we aren't exactly the quietest bunch in the world... but we are lots of fun!
Joy 66, family dinners
Following dinner was the traditional family Nuts game. As usual it got pretty wild, but the newbes are starting to catch on! Amanda gave the experienced crew a run for their money. As for my husband and I? Well, we tied. I'll leave it at that. :P
Joy 67

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