Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Celebration--1 of 4

This year, as our first Christmas together, we are having 4 Christmas celebrations over 3 days. Our first celebration was the day before Christmas eve, and we went to East Texas to celebrate with extended family on Richard's dad's side.We rode with his family, and I really enjoyed the time we spent with them. I took a LOT of pictures. :-)

We started our trip with a trip to whataburger, where I'd obtained coupons for free sandwiches. All together we got 11 hamburgers for free!!! Plus extra pickles on the side. I must have those extra pickles. ;) Everyone was thrilled with the tasty food--particularly Arthur, who was delighted to not need to settle for a Jr. burger.
Joy 54
On the way there we girls got the brilliant idea of writing a poem to commemorate our adventures. I thought it was very creative--even if the meter wasn't 100% accurate. It certainly helped pass the time!!

Joy 55
Once we arrived family time began in earnest.  I enjoyed seeing family members I haven't seen sine the wedding, and it is ALWAYS fun to visit Aunt Claudia's house. Her home is like a decorator's paradise--there are so many little nooks and crannies, all with some interesting something. Come to think of it, it would have been an awesome place for hide-n-seek too....

Joy 56
Before dinner there is a family tradition to pull poppers--and this year was my first to participate. Inside is a riddle, a crown, and a toy of some sort. The riddle must be solved, the crown worn all evening, and... well, the toy can be useful too. If you get a catapult and plastic ball. And are inclined to shoot it at people. Not that I would do anything that childish, mind you. What made you think that??

Joy 57
After dinner was finished we gathered around the Christmas tree to pass out presents. This year we only gave presents to the children, adults abstained. But it was lots of fun to watch the children open presents!!
Joy 58
One of the presents that caused the most laughter (the family) and delight (the recipient) was the final present to Arthur. He is 9, and has been saving every penny for a long time to buy his own bike. The poor fella has been using a hand-me-down from his sisters--pink and sparkly. It was time for him to move up in the world. So he diligently scrimped and saved, and decided to wait till the after Christmas sales to go purchase his very own bike. Little did he know that there was one all ready purchased for him!!

When he realized what was in the box, his very own red 24" brand-spankin-new mountain bike, his delight couldn't be contained. After jumping up and down in delight for a few minutes, he darted to each of the aunts and uncles to hug and thank him. By the time he got back he was completely puzzled about how he'd NOT known it was coming. It was a LOT of fun to watch.

Joy 59
After presents our resident photographer got a family picture. I'm looking forward to seeing that, plus the other pictures she took throughout the evening.

Joy 60
That night my husband and I stayed the evening at MamaDolls house. I always love time spent with her. Even though she isn't a grandmother I grew up knowing, I felt at home with her the first time we met. Her home is one of those "peaceful" places in the world, the sort of place one wants to visit after a particularly difficult or stressful week.

The next morning we drove home again with Richard's family. His sisters sang acapella Christmas songs most of the way home. My laryngitis kept me from joining in, but in my mind there was another harmony line as I 'sang' along with them.

Joy 61

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