Saturday, November 27, 2010

Nasty little buggies

A week ago this thanksgiving Richard and I made a discovery that was rather dismaying. We discovered that we have bed bugs. I  really have no idea where they came from,  we were able to think of about 10 different possibilities. And that wasn't even counting the possibility that one of our any apartment neighbors has them. Apparently there is an epidemic of bed bugs in the DFW area right now. A couple colleges have closed campuses due to the infestations. So it isn't so surprising we have them--just bothersome.

So, since the discovery I've been terribly busy. I planned to take Thanksgiving week mostly off from work anyway to do the wedding scrapbook and spend time with my man, so I took the week completely off and spent the time cleaning every scrap of laundry an fabric in the house, bagging it in trash bags, and putting it in storage. I cleared out both closets in the apartment, and worked on the outer storage closet. It was a lot of work.

Then on Wednesday the exterminators came out and sprayed pesticide. They actually poked several holes in the walls of the bedroom and put poison in the holes. I really am not too crazy about having the pesticide around me, but I am glad to know how seriously the apartment is taking the situation. The exterminators will come back weekly for 4 weeks.

Richard and I have self-quarantined while we were getting the pests under control, but after doing his own research and talking to the exterminators I think that is coming to an end. We don't go out unless we have had our clothes in the drier for 30 minutes on high heat (which is plenty to kill the bugs), and then we spray our bodies and the clothes with Neem oil--which is a natural bug repellant and pesticide. Any surviving bugs will die in about half an hour, and no other bugs will be interested in getting on us.

All in all it seems to be getting better. It's been two days since we saw a living bed bug. I know better than to think they are gone, but at very least we've cut down on the population tremendously. Little by little. And, honestly, I have enjoyed the extra time I've had with my husband as a result, and I'm hoping this will mean a quieter Christmas season. Quarantine really isn't all that  bad when you are a newlywed.

In fact, sometime quarantine is pretty awesome.

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