Monday, October 4, 2010

so normal, but so different

Today was my first day back at work. It was a good day-a quiet day-a normal day. It feels strange to go to work again. Even though I have settled very naturally into the married lifestyle,going to work reminds me of how recently I was single and it reminds me of how extreme the seemingly subtle changes have been. I still think like I was single, in some ways.

For example. Miss Inez has changed rooms. When I saw the new window my first thought was. "Great! It will be so much easier now to see mom when she comes to pick me up!" I forgot-not only does my car work now, but also my home is now with my husband, not my parents. Now he is the one who cares for my needs.

Another reminder came when I started thinking of the hour I have between jobs and how I was looking forward to going to the apartment in between. My phone had stopped working and I had a panic moment because I couldn't call My man before leaving. I had to remind myself that "the apartment" is now my HOME. There is no need for me to call ahead to be sure either he he was gone or had a chaperon with him. That is my home, we are married, and I have every right to be there at any time I like without asking permission of anyone.

It is a little strange-life is so normal right now, and yet so different.

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