Friday, October 1, 2010

The first week

Well, I have completed the first week at home. It has been absolutely delightful to be able to devote all the hours of my day to making a homey little nest for me and my man. I've been fairly successful, too, though I don't necessarily FEEL successful, if that makes sense.

I've done a ton of unpacking, but there is still unpacking left to be done. But there are still empty drawers (a few) so that isn't so bad.

I've made numerous runs to stores the past few days, Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart. I've fallen in love with those wonderful things called "gift cards" that are basically the same as money minus the guilt factor.

If you don't understand "guilt factor" when it comes to wedding money, let me 'splain. Cash can be spent any which way. If I have cash in my pocket I am constantly trying to spend it in the MOST EFFICENT manner--which means, regardless of how I ultimately choose to use it, there may have been a better way (or a greater need for our family). If I have a gift card there are limited uses for the money, therefore I can buy whatever I like without second guessing myself. Not that I don't LOVE cash--we just tend to put cash to use in different ways.

I've cooked up several absolutely delicious meals for my man--in fact, when I have more consistent internet access I mean to write up a cooking post, and probably put up a few of my recipes. My man certainly can't complain about the meals he's being served!

All in all it has been a perfectly wonderful week. As much as I love my jobs, I'm not looking forward to being away from my nest so much during the day! :-)

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