Monday, September 27, 2010

Morning has broken

It is the first day since we were married that my man has left me. The honeymoon is now officially over, my man must leave each morning at a horribly early hour to be away from me all day. Our home is awfully quiet without him here, and I miss being able to snuggle up to him at any time I desire.

Even though I miss my man, I’m excited to have a whole day to get things done. Instead of being sad about the hours he has to be away from me, I’ve savored the thought of him walking in through our front door, a yummy dinner just about finished, a pretty wife to kiss, and a home that has FINALLY been put to rights.

I have several things I need to get done this week… First the thank you notes MUST be written and sent. I still have some thank you notes from the showers—I got them written promptly, but before I could ctually get them addressed and sent I got swept away in the wedding prep for my brothers wedding. As soon as that was done my wedding was less than a month away and the thank-yous just never got sent. That WILL NOT happen with the wedding thank yous!!!

The house must be put to rights—which will be a big task, but will seem to go fast. My man and I did a lot of unpacking over the weekend, so even though it looks like a whirlwind went through our home, it should go pretty quickly. In theory, anyway.

I need to plan a menu—probably a couple menus, actually. I am determined to make good use of whatever time my man and I have pre-children to get our bodies as healthy as possible. Obviously this will continue after children, but it is a priority to me for us to start good habits now.

I need to get my name changed legally—which has a lot of other chores associated with it (ie. I can’t get my vehicle put in my name until I get my name changed)

I need to plan super-duper top-secret surprised for my man (the fun chore!!)

All in all--it looks like this week will be quite busy!!! :-)

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