Friday, September 3, 2010


Yesterday I was reading the story of a young woman about my age who's husband was killed in a work accident just 4 months after their wedding. The story was heartwrenching, and made me very grateful for the many hours that my Beloved and I have shared together. I have been reminded from two of my friends in the last year or so to not take any day that he and I share together for granted. We are marrying "till death do us part" but we must remember that "our days are like a vapor."

As I was thinking on this I realized that the thing that I would miss the most if my man and I were ever parted is his absolute acceptance. In my man I have a safe haven for any struggle. He knows intimately every weakness I have, every battle I've fought (even the ones I've lost) and yet he loves me for it. So many times over the years I've confided a weakness in him and expected to be rebuked--but instead he wrapped me in warm, protective love.

Does he encourage me to do the right thing? Yes--always. But sometimes he looks at me and instead of giving me a (well deserved) lecture on doing the right thing, he tenderly loves the wounded part of me and trusts the Holy Spirit to give any conviction that is needed.

That kind of love brings me to my knees with gratefulness and awe. When my man accepts me wholly--the sinful human part with the "struggling to do right" part--it underscores the love that Christ Himself has for me because my man is truly loving me as Christ loves the church.

Is it any wonder that I am so in love?

I will treasure every blessed day the Lord gives me with my Love, and someday we'll both be together with our Greatest Love and will never be parted again!!

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