Thursday, September 2, 2010

Easing up

While I know I'm likely to get laughed at if I say this too loudly, but I expect life is going to slow down over the next 14 or so days. I think the laughter would only grow stronger if I were to confide that not only do I expect the days to be gradually less filled as the wedding draws closer, but I also believe the emotional drama has reached its climax, and will begin to ebb from now on. 

Before you laugh (or once you stop, I can wait), let me explain my reasoning.

First, unlike most weddings that happen solo, I've just gotten through the first wedding in my family in a month (if we count extended family it is the second in two months). That means my work load has dropped by at least a third. The emotional drama load has dropped by at least half. Perhaps with other weddings the climax comes with the big event--but for me it has been ebbing off since the first big event.

Second, my man has officially moved into our apartment. Most of the emotional drama we've experienced apart from the Other Wedding has been because it was extremely difficult for his very large and loving family to emotionally release him. While I'd rather in-laws that are absolutely in love with their son/brother to ones that disown or hate him, the releasing process was rough on all of us and I'm relieved that he has finally made our new home ours.

Third, most of our stuff (both his and mine) is in the apartment now. I still have basic living things at home, but we've both moved the majority of our things. That's one thing checked off the to-do list.

Fourth, the wedding is mostly paid for now. The next couple weeks will be tight, of course, but the major things are out of the way.

So, I expect a slowing down. Not that I expect idle moments, just that things should ease off between now and the wedding--and then


Yeah. I'm looking forward to the honeymoon.

In case you couldn't tell.


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