Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find it interesting how many people weigh in with advice when young ladies (and I assume young men as well) are about to get married. Advice on finances, sex, birth control, home organization and a million other things. Most particularly, though, sex seems to come up. My dear fellow bride, Amanda, was telling me last night about a recent advice-giving that she had received on this very topic. My response?

"Get used to it, beautiful!"

I have a strong suspicion that the advice giving only starts with the wedding planning. Once we are married there will be more people weighing in with, "So, when are you planning to have a baby? Will you have children right away?" Once the first baby is here the advice will be on how to raise children.

Now, let me be clear--I have NO PROBLEM with advice. At all. I actually really appreciate it because I know that the people giving the advice are giving it because they care. And, for that same reason, I'll probably be a big advice giver also. However, there are very few topics people are inclined to advise me on that I haven't already considered and formed a scriptural filter to view it through. I've also probably discussed the topic with my man, and we have formed a second filter of how we intend to apply the Biblical guidelines. If the advice makes it through those two filters, I will consider and likely take it. If it falls without I will politely smile and nod, while appreciating the intent.

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