Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I find it interesting how many people weigh in with advice when young ladies (and I assume young men as well) are about to get married. Advice on finances, sex, birth control, home organization and a million other things. Most particularly, though, sex seems to come up. My dear fellow bride, Amanda, was telling me last night about a recent advice-giving that she had received on this very topic. My response?

"Get used to it, beautiful!"

I have a strong suspicion that the advice giving only starts with the wedding planning. Once we are married there will be more people weighing in with, "So, when are you planning to have a baby? Will you have children right away?" Once the first baby is here the advice will be on how to raise children.

Now, let me be clear--I have NO PROBLEM with advice. At all. I actually really appreciate it because I know that the people giving the advice are giving it because they care. And, for that same reason, I'll probably be a big advice giver also. However, there are very few topics people are inclined to advise me on that I haven't already considered and formed a scriptural filter to view it through. I've also probably discussed the topic with my man, and we have formed a second filter of how we intend to apply the Biblical guidelines. If the advice makes it through those two filters, I will consider and likely take it. If it falls without I will politely smile and nod, while appreciating the intent.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Latest from WPC

You know life is busy when six weeks pass without a word from yours truly. I had three weeks back to back that I was too busy to think--or to sleep. I still can't remember what happened that first week, I just remember that it was a madhouse around here.

What I looked like for three weeks--attached to my steering wheel!

The second week a friend of mine was in town, and ALL the wedding stuff happened at once. She was shocked at my pace of life. Of course, life is always faster with company, and a side effect of her visit was that my regular bedtime went from elevenis to two or three. My rise time, of course, didn't change from the usual 7. I've never been good at sleeping in. I think Ashley was glad by the end of the week to board a bus with 50 kids and only herself and two other adults. She said life would be slower as a Camp Counselor than it had been as Assistant Wedding Coordinator. I don't know what she was talking about. :P
Ashley and me at Logans
The third week is also hazy, as by that time I was extremely sleep deprived. I could go back and look up my daytimer to see what was going on, but I really don't want to. I do know that the bridesmaid party happened that week.

And then this week I crashed. As in, totally. I only had a few "absolutely need to do for the wedding" projects, and most of those haven't been done or have been done abnormally slowly. I've even slept more--several times this week I have taken naps, and not the 15 minute "power naps" I usually take. I'm talking about serious hour-and-a-half to two hour naps immediately after work. Followed by an early bedtime.

It's amazing how much good a bit of sleep can do. I've even voluntarily woke up before 7am the last couple mornings, which means my body is finally getting back on schedule. I am still feeling a bit of wedding-planning burnout, but it's getting much better. I think by next week I'll be good to go.

Which is great, because next week is my brothers wedding.