Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My brother is engaged!

Wednesday of two weeks ago my life took a hectic turn as my dear brother announced that he was planning a proposal to take place in just 4 days. The next few days were spent in a flurry of activity. There was a ring to be bought (he'd been looking but hadn't purchased yet), a party to plan, various elements of mystery to incorporate, people to invite. On top of that, being the wise, discerning woman that I am, I suspected that after being proposed to my dear Maid of Honor might not have my wedding on her brain and therefore it might be helpful if I kept her busy with a few pertinent details that needed to be taken care of by my trusty second-in-command before the she was proposed to. :-P So I occupied myself with helping Jonathan, throwing Amanda off the trail, and keeping her busy. Plus finding my new future home—but that's another post. Much to my delight, Amanda told me that I hadn't given a single clue.

Sunday dawned way to early to my taste, busy as I'd been the last few days. It was the 4th of July, and Jonathan had made arrangements for a splendidly fun party in the evening. After church we took Amanda home to help us plan the party games. We figured the more she was involved the less likely she would be to guess Jonathan's ulterior motive. We picked all the usual 4th of July games—three legged races, bobbing for apples, water balloon games, and so on.

Surely if we get her wet she'll NEVER suspect!!

At least she wasn't the only one....

It was a lovely evening—the sky was blue and the weather was surprisingly cool for a July evening in Texas. We even had a fair breeze. The first thing on the agenda was dinner—which consisted of my dad's widely known brisket. While the others were eating Richard and I took one of his sisters and headed down to The Spot to do a little prep work. Jonathan had made a couple of signs to enhance the moment. We needed to hang them in a way that they were concealed, and then at just the right moment could be unfurled.

After Jonathan was alerted that the preparations had been made he took Amanda to his car where he presented her with a gift—Dancing for Dummies—and announced that the second part of the gift was a dance lesson with a private instructor. Right then. In the park. When she asked who in the world would give a dance lesson right there, he revealed to her that our parents had been quite the dancers in their day and had agreed to teach the basics of the Fox Trot. With that they were off.

Meanwhile I had raced unseen back to the proposal spot and concealed myself in a cove of trees near the signs. I was to wait until they came and at the proper signal I would let the signs down. I knew I was in for a long wait, but I enjoyed the privilege of being able to watch the entire proceeding.

 Me? Mischivous? Nah....

Soon I saw Jonathan, Amanda, mom and dad heading towards my hiding place. To my dismay they stopped at an entirely different place than planned—much too far away!! I saw them setting up the portable iPod speakers and video camera (ostensibly to video Jonathan and Amanda's first dance). Mom and dad started first, showing Jonathan and Amanda how to step. I saw Amanda try it out with dad first, and then dad handed her off to Jonathan. I knew Jonathan would be great, as we'd practiced for a couple hours the night before in the back yard.

After awhile mom and dad made a get-away excuse and Jonathan and Amanda were left alone with the video camera. Dusk was approaching, and with it the visibility was rapidly diminishing. I had a perfect peek hole between two tree branches, but I couldn't see more than their silhouette!! I was too far away to hear the music (which was what I'd counted on for my cue), so I decided whenever he went down on one knee I'd know it was time. It seemed to take forever, but finally I saw what I thought was the Jonathan Silhouette kneeling down. With a sudden burst of movement the signs came down, and I heard her delighted scream in the background to confirm that, indeed, the proposal had been made and accepted.

Amanda was ecstatic. She bounced like a rubber ball all the way back to her waiting group of friends, and wore a grin that rivaled the Cheshire cat's. It was great. I'm so glad that things are finally official with them!! :-)

Hurray for sister in laws!!

And Hurray for obliging brothers that are willing to marry their sister's best friend just to keep her in the family!!! 

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